Entry #7

NATA Novice Round

2013-06-04 22:39:37 by sirhenrystudios

I've been making animations for NATA this year trying to better my animation skills. I made 2 animations, one of which hasn't been released on the portal yet. The unfinished animation isn't all that great, but the animation for novice round, No Worries sucks slightly less, haha. I've gotten some pretty generous reviews for it, even though some of the animation sucks pretty bad. I'm pretty sure I'm not getting past this round, but even still, I'm glad I've gotten more experience. Check out some of the other NATA submissions, they're amazing!

NATA Novice Round


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2013-06-04 23:00:39

I like pretty much all NATA submissions, yours included. I think those contests are awesome and bring spotlight to new talented artists of Newgrounds. Thank you for taking part in them :)

sirhenrystudios responds:

Thanks Asandir, I'm happy that I've made it this far. I'm having fun and making new animations finally, so I guess that all that matters.


2015-04-21 10:28:01